ATW-Gulfstream North Aircraft Hangar Remodel & Expansion

(Construction Set 11-11-2020)
Specifications-Bid Document Set 10-01-2020 (click to expand/collapse)
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A201GeneralConditions 814.3 KB
A1012017OwnerContractorAgr 67.7 KB
AttachmentASubcontractorLi 58.2 KB
AttachmentBInsurance 118.2 KB
HangarRemodelandExpansion2 113.8 KB
Specifications Bid Set 10-01-2020 11.4 MB
Specifications-Construction Set 11-11-2020 (click to expand/collapse)
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Spec Gulfstream North Hangar Construction Set 2020.11.11 19.0 MB